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I'm just gonna list.

This will be added to as needed or done.

For characters with non-physical senses: Cap's mind, soul, aura, whatever, is essentially a Venn diagram that is very nearly a circle. One circle is Cap himself; boisterous and yet hardened, disciplined and calculating. His mind is sharp as a steel trap, and not-quite-human; he simply lacks a lot of the usual dust and cobwebs human minds do. Vigorously Cleaned, he is. The other circle... that's the Armor. It is ancient and seething, always ready to explode into violence. It wants to fight, and pick fights, and fulfill its purpose. It is a machine, clean angles and measured movement. It isn't stupid, but simply doesn't need to do a lot of thinking, if you catch my drift. If Cap's mind is a steel trap on a scale of 'things you don't want to put your hands in', then the Armor's is a running garbage disposal.

Captain Jack's in charge- he is the one piloting and the Armor is more than content to simmer in the background, keeping watch and being happy with the arrangement.

Essentially, sticking your mind into Cap expecting something easy to control is probably going to have a bad time. Even using telepathy is usually a rough deal because it's going to be a bit loud in there.

Weird Traits of Captain Cammish:
He is his armor: His power armor has become his skin for all practical purposes. If you crack his armor, you get right into his innards; the closest thing he has to his skin anymore is the Black Carapace. That's little more than a black, leathery layer now. Of course, this makes it harder to treat him whenever something DOES penetrate his armor-skin. He's had to have plates spot-welded to him, in some cases (they bonded and now just look like off-color patches with weld 'scars' on the edges. He thinks it's neat).
He has two minds: Space Marine power armor is known to have personality and quirks. Cap's is especially old and willful, and actually has a mind of its own. Probing his mind is generally a Bad Idea because his armor tends to take it as a vicious insult and tries to meat-grinder anyone who does so. Sometimes, when he sleeps, the Armor takes control, and he goes sleep-walking. It's usually not terribly dangerous, but it IS startling as hell.

Space Marine Traits:

  • Secondary Heart: Exactly what it sounds like.

  • Ossmodula: Cap's skeleton is basically Ceramite, which is the bullshit supermetal of choice. His rib-cage is more a rib-shell; there's no spaces in there, just overlapping plates.

  • Biscopea: This is why Cap is so buff. It acts as a sort of extra thyroid; helping to regulate hormones in the body. This is why all Space Marines all have the same sort of build despite their disparate origins.

  • Haemastamen: His blood is super-efficient and also a Tarantino red.

  • Larraman's Organ: Clots/scars incredibly fast and easily. Basically, he doesn't bleed unless there's something there actively preventing it.

  • Catalepsean Node: Cap can sleep like a dolphin does; in phases. He can function pretty well on 4 hours of sleep a night, or up to 2 weeks of no sleep before suffering problems.

  • Preomnor: Decontamination organ before food hits the stomach; sort of a second liver. It's this with the Oolitic Kidney that keeps Space Marines from getting drunk off normal things.

  • Omophagea: 'Learn by Eating'. Whenever he eats brains- raw and fresh only- he takes knowledge from it. Usually limited to humans (and ab-humans), this also works with canids. These memories are usually tactical in nature (because Marines are tactical sorts), and the knowledge within them fades after accessing them a few times. Well enough time to write down the location of the loot with a basic map, or the pass-code to the locks, or to pilot out the plane before everything explodes.

  • Multi-Lung: Multi- as in 'Multi-tool'. This kicks in when breathing in low-oxygen or polluted/poisoned areas. This also works when underwater. The regular lungs can even be blocked off to prevent damage by use of this organ.

  • Occulobe: He's got terrifyingly good vision during the day, and really really great vision in poor light.

  • Lyman's Ear: Can't get dizzy or have motion sickness. Can also consciously filter out sounds and therefore 'enhance' other ones. Looks like a normal ear. Yeah, all Space Marines have the same ear. It's weird.

  • Sus-An Membrane: He can enter a suspended animation- whether it's because he needs/desires to, or if he suffers a sufficient amount of trauma (it happens!). Only 'appropriate chemical therapy or auto-suggestion' can revive him from this animation.

  • Melanchromic Organ: In normal Space Marines, this lets him aggressively tan to protect him from radiation. In Cap, this is why his skin is so aggressively white; it's damaged.

  • Oolitic Kidney: A sort-of combined kidney-liver. If something actually gets past the Preomnor or he gets stung, this kicks in and works with the heart(s) to speed up filtering to ludicrous speeds. This usually results in passing out. It's this along with the Preomnor that keeps Space Marines from getting drunk off normal things.

  • Neuroglottis: He can hunt you by taste. He can identify chemical composition by taste. Considering the connection between taste and smell, he probably has an amazing sense of smell as well.

  • Murcranoid: In a normal Space Marine, this lets him sweat something that provides insulation from extreme heat or cold, and some protection against the vacuum. This requires a treatment to activate, and isn't something he can't do himself. This organ doesn't work in Cap.

  • Betcher's Glands: In normal Space Marines, this lets him spit acid. This stuff is highly corrosive and can even work through dense metals given enough time. Cap's don't work.

  • Progenoids: This is needed to make more Space Marines. It makes a little baby copy of all the other organs, and two of itself. The Progenoids are the only source of the organs; they cannot be grown outside of a Space Marine's anatomy. Cap still has one of his; the other one was harvested, as normal, when he 'graduated' to being a full-fledged Space Marine. The other one is usually collected when one dies in combat. I don't know why; Space Marines?

  • Black Carapace: Not strictly an organ made by the Progenitoids. This is a sheet of black 'stuff' that is grown in a vat. It's pulled out, laid flat, cut into the shapes needed to fit on the Space Marine, and installed under their skin after every other organ has been placed and activated properly. In a normal Marine, this stuff hardens into a sort of second skin, tough and black, around his torso. After it hardens, it digs into the body and connects to virtually all of the nerves of the body. After it completes this growth, nodes are attached to the Carapace that allow the Power Armor to function. Without it, Space Marine Power Armor is virtually useless.


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