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Name:Cpt. Jack Cammish
Birthdate:Aug 31
Location:Calixis Sector, near the Koronus Expanse
John Cammish is the captain of the Rogue Trader vessel The Follower of the Beacon. He is also a renegade Adeptus Astartes on the lam.

He is not heretical- he just didn't want to be separated from his armor or get taken out from being, well, a space marine, because of his weird attachment issues and his mutations of his Black Carapace.

That was a long-ass time ago, though. Thanks to being really fucking lucky, Cammish is now happily Captain of a Dauntless-class Light Cruiser, and possesses a somewhat edited Warrant of Trade protecting him from most problems originating in the Imperium of Mankind. Thanks to not being around an Apothecary (or the closest he has in his Chapter), his Black Carapace has essentially permanently bonded him to his armor- and it has become his skin. He is perfectly happy with the outcome, tbh. How did it happen? A million little things that, apart, would have meant nothing, came together in him- his armor was a hodgepodge of old pieces thrown together because the Night Ravens are overburdened. He is almost but-not-quite sensitive to the Warp and its effects. The biggie was his Black Carapace, which never got the whole 'stop growing' thing down.

Physical Appearance
Ok take a rakish pirate sort. Clean-shaven. One gold earring, a great hat with a jaunty-ass feather, sumptuous but sensibly-cut clothes, in dark colors. There is a high chance there's velvet.

Now also make that pirate a space marine. Cammish has always been especially big for an Astartes, and easily crosses the 8 foot mark, well on his way to 9. He's about as broad-chested and built as any space marine, which means... extremely. His arms are trunks, his legs are pillars, his ribs (...if he had ribs bear with me, 40k nerds) would feed a family for weeks, etc., etc.. He is a wall of beef, y'all. But!!! Neck down, that's where he's got his renegade on. No cool scars and nodes here, sir. His skin is ceramite- steely stuff that is the fantasy metal of 40k. You can just discern the mold lines and shapes of plates where appropriate- his shoulders have pauldron lines, his knees have circles where those went. Most of him is a deep red, with black shoulders and legs past the knees. His neck is covered with a black, hard-but-flexible material that is the Black Carapace. On his arms are 'tattoos' of his Chapter Insignia (the Night Ravens), and his former designation as an Assault Marine- a cross made up of 4 arrows in an X-shape.

His face is blocky, but with rounded features. He is clean-shaven and has striking green eyes. What hair he does have is black as night, and his skin is aggressively white. We're not talking 'caucasian', we're talking white as a sheet. White as milk. Chalk. Alabaster. You feel me. The scars on his face- which are not very notable for a Space Marine, but a little alarming in number for a human- are a pale, pale pink. He smiles easily enough, and despite having that hint of menace anyone of his physique projects, seems friendly enough.

His clothes cover enough of him that the fact that he is both a Space Marine and a Renegade is not immediate- he wears gloves and boots, and it behooves any rogue trader, nine-feet-tall or not, to wear armor. Only someone who has been around an actual honest-to-Emperor Space Marine has even a decent chance to put two and two together and get Renegade Space Marine, holy shit call the Inquisition.

To most people, Cap looks like a really, big, beefy pirate. Space pirate. He has space doodads and a plasma pistol at his belt. He doesn't carry any melee weapons because, well, he's a motherfucking Space Marine, he can rip people in half with his BARE HANDS. And it's kind of his thing.

Personality Appearance
Again, think of a pirate. A friendly kind! Cap is rakish, rogueish. Tricksy! Prone to elaborate pranks. Deeply caring for his ship and crew. Playing games. These are all very much a part of Cammish. But again, Space Marine.

Cap is not human, and does not believe he, or any Astartes, is a human at all. There are things he doesn't truly understand anymore except from memories back when he was fifteen. He knows not fear, and without fear, there is a lot of emotions he has to basically construct backwards. He is ruthless to anyone who endangers his crew (or goods), and has a completely rational hatred- hatred of the Warp, and especially of the Changer of Way's followers. He thinks tactically more than strategically, and still, even after decades and decades of living and working with humans, has to stop and think about what they can do, and that they're not all like him. He has a tendency to go too far, and has an issue with not going too far. He is welcoming and open- a bad trait in 40k- and likes to hear people out. But at the same time, he is capable of making snap-judgments at lightning speed and knowing that he is the captain of a ship, and needs to take care of it. As an Astartes, his life is very heavily regulated- he has strict times for doing one thing and another for another. He can do fluid situations, but it does take a toll on his psyche, especially if it isn't combat, or adversarial. He doesn't do well at non-adversarial things in general. He can't help but wrestle those he loves. :V

He also knows he effectively immune to small arms and that makes you confident, you know? Speaking of that, he is confident and reassured, comfortable and happy with his self and his life as a renegade. He doesn't do it anymore, but for some years he used a plural pronoun; he is his armor and the armor is him, as surely as the Astronomican shines in the darkness. They are almost perfectly in sync, and he has become a bit of a gestalt being, a person who is more than the sum of his parts. He certainly think that joining of himself to his armor is a big reason why he isn't bugshit crazy like every other renegade/heretical marine he's ever met. He is happy, he is in love (with himself, admittedly), and being a Rogue Trader does totally rule.

He's spent essentially his entire adult life as a Rogue(ish) Trader, and is decidedly weak on what being an actual Adeptus Astartes entails. He may call you brother, fellow marine, but he doesn't know the secret handshakes.

things that u might need to know
The Night Ravens Chapter write-up I did.
Fun Facts about Cap (if you're some weirdo psychic aura-reader bullshit like I've played before, this might be helpful!)

How to Contact Me, The Player
If you have steam, use that. I have steam on 24/7 unless my computer's off. :V My steam name is Lakidaa. Otherwise, your best bet is just to email me at, or send me a message through tumblr, again, same name as before. You can do messages on this one, right? Shit, I don't remember how this works. If you want, I can get on Skype (i'll call you because I have to wrestle this) but no on the voice chats.

Interests (28):

40k space pirates, adeptus astartes, all the wrestling!!!!, armor, choral, codex astartes, codex xenos, collecting, cqc, electronica, ephemera, garnet is the best mom, greek wrestling, how to touch the warp, leading for dummies, looting, marching tunes, mma, my diary (by sister andel), piloting, power armor, rakish charm, rogue trader, space marines, space pirates, steven universe, turkish wrestling, wrestling
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