2015-08-02 10:33 pm
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Fun Facts about the Cap!

I'm just gonna list.

This will be added to as needed or done.

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2015-08-02 09:40 pm
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The Night Ravens

The Night Ravens are a smallish chapter, descended from the Raven Guard.

They were established in M38 (that is, the 39th Millennium) based on Strategic Prognostication; the divine whisperings of card-readers and priests swathed in holiness (and the Warp, let’s not lie to ourselves). The Raven Guard were not exactly happy that their Chapter was chosen, as they are still under-strength and regularly need to derive geneseed from the vaults the Adeptus Mechanicus hold, but their successor chapter has proven to be both useful and willing to lend their aid whenever needed.

Despite cleaving close to the Raven Guard in their ways and appearances, the Night Ravens are not quite the same in demeanor- they are far more friendly with their Astartes brothers than their progenitors, and more prone to jokes and trickery (as much as an Astartes is capable of). They still share the beliefs of see, but do not be seen; they are secretive and prefer quiet to noise, and prefer the company of other Ravens over the other Chapters.

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